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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Perry Defies Real Republicans Over Big New Tax Law

The Harris County Republican Party passed a resolution pleading with Rick "Biggest Tax Hike in Texas History" Perry to veto House Bill 3:

Resolution Opposing House Bill 3

Whereas, the Texas Legislature recently passed House Bill 3 (HB 3), which enacts a new Business Tax, expanding the Franchise Tax, during its current Special Session, and,

Whereas, the Republican Party of Texas has opposed the current State Franchise Tax in its State Party Platform for the past 14 years, specifically stating the following: "The party urges the repeal of the State Franchise Tax, which is nothing more than an income tax," and,

Whereas, the Texas State Government has the largest surplus, $8.2 billion, in its history, which could be used to buy down the property tax rates without requiring this new Business Tax, and,

Whereas, HB 3 is a new and permanent Business Tax which expands the current Texas Franchise Tax to hundreds of thousands of businesses, and,

Whereas, Texas will be the only state in the nation to tax businesses on their gross margin, which is extremely inequitable due to diversity of businesses, and

Whereas, a Margin Tax means that even if a business makes little or no profit, or loses money, then that business would still have to pay the Margin Tax, and,

Whereas, this dramatic business tax increase would be shouldered on the backs of small businesses, which create most of the new jobs and drive the engine of our state's economy, leading to an economic decline and the loss of jobs for Texans, and,

Whereas, HB 3 is the largest tax increase in Texas history and it is a permanent tax which will likely be increased in future legislatures, and,

Whereas, HB 3 is an end run around the Texas Constitution's prohibition against a state income tax and an attempt to confiscate the citizens of their income by government fiat without allowing the citizens of Texas to exercise their constitutional right to vote on whether on not they will allow the state to tax their income, and,

Therefore, Let It Be Resolved, that the Harris County Republican Party opposes the new Business Tax enacted in HB 3 and calls upon Governor Perry to veto it.

You just know that this resolution fell on Perry's deaf ears -- Perry is no real Republican!


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