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Monday, June 12, 2006

South Texas Newspaper Reports on Perry's Tax Lie

The Brownsville Herald reports that inflating property tax appraisals (which Perry failed to cap) will offset the alleged property tax reduction which Perry (falsely) promised so that taxpayers will not see much relief:

The Brownsville Herald

Roberto and Lari Ruiz assumed they would see some tax relief on their two Brownsville properties after the Legislature over-hauled the state’s school finance system last month.

However, because of double digit increases on the appraised value of their homes, the couple will not see the promised property tax relief lauded by the Legislature. They will have to pay more to the school district than they did last year.

“I don’t understand how individual homeowners can be expected to shoulder this,” Lari Ruiz said. “My biggest concern is that we won’t be able to live here as we get closer to retirement.”

The Brownsville couple isn’t alone. Thousands of homeowners in Cameron County have seen their appraised property tax values increase dramatically this year.

Average property values for homes in the Brownsville Independent School District have gone up 26.1 percent since last year.

Similar increases can be found in school taxing districts throughout the county.


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