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Friday, June 02, 2006


Carole Keeton Strayhorn has announced that she will, as Governor, repeal HB 3 -- the largest tax increase in Texas history that Governor Rick Perry today signed into law:

“Gov. Perry said he was signing the largest tax increase in Texas history with ‘passion and joy’,” Strayhorn said. “I will repeal the tax hike with passion and common-sense fiscal responsibility.”

“This law leaves Texans with a $23 billion hot check,” she said. “It is bad public policy and I will blast it off the books after I am elected governor.”

The law increases business taxes 200 percent, forces 200,000 businesses that are currently not paying taxes to pay or file taxes, and does not pay for Perry’s property tax cuts.

“We have the money to address our needs, but we must have the will to make the smart choices for the long term,” she said. “We can really fix our school finance system, really cut property taxes, reign in government spending, crack down on criminals who abuse our children and repeal the largest tax increase in Texas history.”

“It should be repealed because we do not get much for this massive tax increase. Perry’s plan provides a paltry pay increase for teachers, provides a pittance of property tax relief that will evaporate almost immediately, punts our problems just past the November election and will postpone only temporarily additional court action,” she said.
In addition to there being an $8.2 billion surplus, Strayhorn said she will work with lawmakers to implement her long term Strayhorn Solutions — an additional $8 billion in cost savings and new economic revenue generators including the cost-saving Texas Performance Reviews and Texas School Performance Reviews, implement video lottery terminals at racetracks, and eliminating the Governor’s taxpayer-funded corporate welfare slush funds and his Washington, D.C., lobbying contract.

“We need long term solutions, not a temporary fix like the Governor has signed into law today,” she said. “I will bring those long term solutions when I am Governor.”

She said in addition to including an unconstitutional income tax on partnerships and unincorporated associations, the plan taxes the very service providers that are driving the economy. “Among others, this group includes dry cleaners, lawn services, barbers, beauty shops, janitorial services and doctors,” she said.


Blogger Texan for Grandma Strayhorn said...

Great blogging--we need to get out the rest of the story--the truth-- and Grandma Strayhorn will win in a landslide.

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